Youth Forum

(14th November 2017)

The Youth Forum, on 14th November, will serve as a venue to build a network of young change agents to generate ideas, explore best practices, encourage future collaborations, and network with other youth leaders from different backgrounds. The event seeks to target youth from various health professions.

The main objectives of the youth forum are to:

  • create a global conversation on the importance of human resources for health among the youth;
  • facilitate and encourage multidisciplinary partnerships and projects in the field of human resources for health;
  • empower youth with the knowledge, skills and motivation to further the Global Strategy on Human Resources for Health.

The organization of the Youth forum is being led by the International Federation of Medication Students Association. For more information and to get engaged please write to or 


The Youth Forum Outcome Statement:

The Youth Call for Action – Zero Draft for Consultation


The Call for Action is a commitment of youth to the human resources for health agenda to achieve better health for all and to support the path to Universal Health Coverage. It calls upon all relevant stakeholders from across health and social care and other sectors, spanning from local to global levels, to take the needed policy measures to expand and transform the workforce in health and social sectors, ensuring a sustainable fit-for-purpose health workforce, which meets the needs of the current and future generations. The process for the Call for Action is designed to be inclusive and participatory; making sure every voice is heard.


Deadline for submission is 3 November 2017.

Please write to if you have any questions.

Disclaimer - By submitting comments via this call, contributors give consent to publishing if required. The co-organizers reserve the right not to publish comments that are deemed inappropriate due to offensive language, advertising or personal promotion. The co-organizers are not responsible for the different views expressed.

The consultation process is now closed, if you are interested to engage or have any queries concerning the youth call for action, Please contact