Sponsored Brown Bag Lunch Session Application

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Background: Explain the topic to be addressed, and rationale/objectives for the workshop. Demonstrate how the issue addresses the sub-themes of the Forum (Max 300 Words

Outline the intended participants are and what they can expect to learn through this session

Format, issues to be discussed and key discussion points covered

Outline the expected outcomes of your proposed session

Summarize the value added and intended impact of your proposed session in 2-3 brief key messages

Session details, please select your options below

event – Capacity 80 – 100 pax 60 minutes lunchtime session €3,500event - Capacity 220 – 250 pax 60 minutes lunchtime session €5,000

1Each room will be equipped with a computer, a data projector and screen, one flipchart, a head table with one or two microphones and a standing/cordless microphone for Qs&As or comments from the audience.

Fourth Global Forum on Human Resources for Health